WiPy quicky
1 minute read

I’ve received my WiPy + expansion board this week and was a bit disappointed that connecting the micro-USB connector did not provide me direct access to the Python REPL of the WiPy. After some tinkering and reading through the support forum, I found out that there is a rather easy way to enable the Python REPL by default.

To enable the Python REPL, you need to duplicate it on the primary UART port:

from machine import UART
import os
uart = UART(0, baudrate=115200)

To make this persistent, you can add this snippet to the boot.py file that resides in flash on the WiPy. Just ftp to your WiPy, download /flash/boot.py, add the above snippet and upload it again. After this, your WiPy will always be accessible through the primary UART port.

PS: initially, I received an expansion board that unfortunately was death-on-arrival, but thanks to the great support of the WiPy guys, I received a new one within days. Kudos for their great and prompt support!

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