OLS client

The alternative OLS-client provides a software client for the Open Bench Logic Sniffer logic analyser hardware.


The Open Bench Logic Sniffer is the result of a collaboration between Gadget Factory and Dangerous Prototypes. They created a cheap custom implementation of the SUMP analyzer developed by Michael Poppitz, and released it as Open Source project.

The original SUMP analyzer already provided a workable client on its own. While this client was feature complete and working quite well, it was no longer actively developed and maintained. Being a developer and loving Open Source, I immediately started hacking and tweaking it. The result? An alternative OLS client.


The current version of the OLS client is 0.9.7 SP2. Use the links below to download the binaries for your platform.

  • OLS v0.9.7 SP2, released 2015-01-02, [zip], [tar.gz], [dmg], [API sources];
  • OLS v0.9.7 SP1, released 2014-09-11;
  • OLS v0.9.7, released 2013-08-12;
  • OLS v0.9.6 SP1, released 2012-10-29, [zip], [tar.gz], [dmg], [API sources];
  • OLS v0.9.6, released 2012-09-09;
  • OLS v0.9.5, released 2012-01-08;
  • OLS v0.9.4, released 2011-05-03;
  • OLS v0.9.3 SP1, released 2011-02-07;
  • OLS v0.9.3, released 2011-02-06;
  • OLS v0.9.2, released 2010-12-19;
  • OLS v0.9.1, released 2010-11-01;
  • OLS v0.9.0, released 2010-10-23.


The alternative Java client provides the following features:

  • Cross platform: the client runs on Mac OSX (64-bit), Windows (32 & 64-bit), Linux (32 & 64-bit) and Solaris (32-bit);
  • Simple installation: no longer fiddling with the serial libraries (RXTX) in order to get the client up and running. The client embeds the suitable serial libraries for several operating systems;
  • Pluggable: adding new functionality on the fly is possible and as easy as copying files to a single directory;
  • Look good, and feel good: the client has a good look and feel, aiming at being as usable as possible and adhering to the human interface guidelines of the platform it is running on.


Ian of Dangerous Prototypes:

I had to rock some intense LAing today, and I just wanted to say that the latest version is fantastic! I’ve completely abandoned the old version for yours, and moved it to the top of the wiki software list :) It’s a joy to use and it doesn’t feel like Java. In my opinion this is nicer and richer than the Saleae client (I use the Saleae a lot too). Great work! Thank you so much!

Jack Gasset of Gadget Factory:

It keeps getting better and better! I’ve officially started using your client exclusively, I just spent the last couple days troubleshooting some SPI output from the AVR8 Soft Processor core project and your client didn’t miss a beat…


Screenshots of OLS v0.9.6 beta3, running on OSX (10.7):

Main window with docked windows.
Capture settings of OBLS device.
Acquired signals can have up to 10 cursors.
Main window using alternative color scheme.
Using drag-and-drop allows you to group multiple channels.
Easily measure parts of interest in your captured data.
Decoder tools help you to get more insight in the captured data.
Annotations help you to see what is going on in your data.
Changing the properties of your channels is as easy as double clicking on its label